Are You Thinking of Building an Associate Wedding Photography Team?

I get asked this question all the time! " How do you manage all these photographers and Weddings? I just shrug and say, " I'm not really sure other then that I know I am CRAZY"! LOL Just kidding. But seriously, how do I have an associate team of more then 30 photographers, servicing 5 different markets shooting more then 100 weddings a year, and still remain calm??

My secret has always been that I knew that I could do it. And I knew that I wanted to have a team of like minded creatives all working together for a bigger purpose and doing what we all love to do. Its so important to me that anyone in life is able to do a job that they are passionate about. And one that they truly LOVE doing. It has always made me so sad to see anyone in a job that they hated. I always think to myself, why stay in a job that you are so unhappy in? But the truth is, there are so many people that are in that exact situation. And for so many different reasons.

So I have set out to try and help as many...

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