Bonus Episode | Increasing Your Pricing and Your Mindset with Cassidy | Wedding Junkies Podcast

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019

Have you ever raised your prices and then started freaking out because you suddenly aren't booking any weddings? And then start thinking that maybe you are asking too much and you have raised your pricing too high?

This has happened to me so many time over the past 10 years that it's hard to count. But after really diving in to this a bit more and changing my perspective on it, I have started to see something different.  Is the higher price point really the reason you aren't booking weddings? Or could it be that your current belief system about yourself and your business might be the very thing that is blocking those clients from coming into your business?

In this Bonus Episode I discuss raising your pricing and your mindset surrounding this and self worth. I talk about my personal journey in raising my pricing and the challenges I have faced, my personal self worth, techniques that I have used and am currently using to navigate raising my pricing as well as booking...

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Wedding Junkies Podcast - Episode 1 - How Rachelle and Cassidy Dove in Head First to Wedding Photography

podcast Mar 03, 2019

In this Episode Rachelle and Cassidy talk about how they got started in the wedding industry in 2010. They started with a craigslist add and not a whole lot of knowledge about weddings at all. But that didn't stop this duo from diving in head first with their first wedding! 




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Are You Thinking of Building an Associate Wedding Photography Team?

I get asked this question all the time! " How do you manage all these photographers and Weddings? I just shrug and say, " I'm not really sure other then that I know I am CRAZY"! LOL Just kidding. But seriously, how do I have an associate team of more then 30 photographers, servicing 5 different markets shooting more then 100 weddings a year, and still remain calm??

My secret has always been that I knew that I could do it. And I knew that I wanted to have a team of like minded creatives all working together for a bigger purpose and doing what we all love to do. Its so important to me that anyone in life is able to do a job that they are passionate about. And one that they truly LOVE doing. It has always made me so sad to see anyone in a job that they hated. I always think to myself, why stay in a job that you are so unhappy in? But the truth is, there are so many people that are in that exact situation. And for so many different reasons.

So I have set out to try and help as many...

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