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Cassidy and Rachelle have been in the wedding industry for the past 10 years. Together they started as wedding photographers, grew an associate team servicing 5 markets, opened a wedding venue and nearly sold out their first year in business.   They have learned so many valuable lessons the hard way and through experience. Their  goal is to help educate entrepreneurs  on various parts of running a wedding photography business, how to build an associate team, and give you the tools to trouble shoot some of the most challenging situations ( like when clients are unhappy and how to manage it ) .

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Which Lenses To Use

A 16 page guide showing exactly which lenses to use throughout the wedding day. It's filled with images used by each of the lenses to show you exactly how each lens captures the day. This guide will help you to know which lens to use, help you determine the next lens you might want to add to your collection, and it will give you the confidence when shooting weddings and help you prepare for each part of the day.

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How to Build and Run a Successful Associate Team


We have had an associate team for over 7 years. We started with 2 associate photographers and today have a team of 30+ photographers and are servicing multiple markets including South Florida and all of New York, NJ, and New England.  If you think you are ready to build you team, we will help guide you from day 1 on what you need to consider, plan for, and the mindset it takes to make it a success. 

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How to Deal with Unhappy Clients

In this course we will deep dive into how to handle clients who are unhappy with either your service or your final product delivery. You will hear several examples or real client situations, see the correspondence we had, and we go in depth on how we handled each situation. I teach you my step by step process to navigate these tricky situations.

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Wedding Junkies Podcast

We are so excited to share our Podcast with you! You will hear all about our journey on how we ended up where were are today. We share all of our crazy stories, mistakes and triumphs, our family life with our marriage, 2 kids, 2 full time businesses and so much more!


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So You Want To Open a Wedding Venue....

We opened Stonewall Estate in July 2017. We had 19 weddings booked our first full year in business in 2018, charging double what our local competition was charging. 2019 is almost sold out and we are booking far into 2020. We have increased our pricing by 40%. Our business is based in one of the poorest counties in New York State and the closest hotel is 45 min away. 

Coaching with Rachelle & Cassidy

If you want to take your skills to the next level and train with us personally send us a message! We will create a custom package for you, determine your goals, and make a plan to reach them all!




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